Rycote Windshield Kit 4 – Complete Windshield and Suspension System SKU: # Full Windshield 4 Kit - Medium MFR: # 86001
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- Small Modular Suspension Mount - Connbox 1 - Windshield #1 - Windjammer #1

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The Rycote Windshield Kit #4 is a complete modular microphone windshield system including the Rycote modular suspension mount, windjammer, windshield and necessary extensions. The windshield provides optimum protection against wind and the kit is a useful solution for those who do not already own a suspension mount or windjammer.

Each custom configured system will include the correct combination of suspension mount, windjammer, windshield and extensions (whenever necessary) to accommodate the size requirements for use with your specific microphone.

Complete Kit Solution
The Windscreen Kit includes all that is needed for complete set up and use. Each kit includes the necessary modular suspension mount, windshield, windjammer and extensions.

Hytrel Plastic Construction
A material called Hytrel is used on the end rings and shield. The material aids in creating the “dead” space necessary for quiet operation.

Interlocking Ends
Modular locking end rings provide quick and easy replacement of dented ends and modular extensions




Microphone Diameters:19-25 mm, MKH and 30 mm
Microphone Length (up to):from 120 mm up to 540 mm
Maximum Wind-noise Attenuation:50 dB

Additional specifications

NameBody Windshield (mm)Ext Length (mm)Body Length (mm)Total Length* (mm)Net Weight (kg)Gross Weight (kg)
Modular         Windshield Kit 1170N/A1702800.61.36
Modular         Windshield Kit 2210N/A2103200.581.34
Modular         Windshield Kit 3260N/A2603700.61.36
Modular         Windshield Kit 4330N/A3304400.71.46
Modular         Windshield Kit 5330704005100.761.52
Modular         Windshield Kit 63301204505600.741.5
Modular         Windshield Kit 73301705006100.92.5
Modular         Windshield Kit 83302605907000.92.5
Modular         Windshield Kit 10120N/A1202300.460.74
Modular         Windshield Kit 295295N/A2954050.641.4
Modular         Windshield Kit 11330280330720N/AN/A

* Total Length includes End Caps



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