Rycote 18cm Standard Hole Classic-Softie with Lyre Mount & Pistol-Grip Kit SKU: # 18CM Standard Hole Softie with mount & PG MFR: # 33352
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-7.08" (18cm) Softie Length

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The Rycote 18cm Softie / Pistol-Grip Kit conveniently provides both, a durable pistol-grip style mount and short hair softie, eliminating noise caused by windy conditions in the field. The improved design includes the InVision lyre suspension cradles which significantly reduces shock and associated noise.

Designed as a general solution for most shotgun microphone models, the entire mount easily mounts to a boom stand whenever boom pole operation is desired. This kit features a 0.74 – 0.86″ (19 – 22mm) hole softie that measures 7.08″ (18cm) in length. Compatible with these microphones: Rode NTG3, Sennheiser MKH 416, ME 66 K6, MKH 418, Sanken CS-3e, AKG C568, Sony ECM 670, and Sony ECM 680S.




Softie Lyre Mount will accomodate mics from 19-25 mm in diameter

Additional specifications

Name*Net Weight (kg)Gross Weight (kg)
5cm Softie Kit0.280.36
12cm Softie Kit0.280.36
14cm Softie Kit0.320.38
18cm Softie Kit0.340.4
24cm Softie Kit0.320.46
29cm Softie Kit0.340.48
32cm Softie Kit0.360.5


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