REDPRO RP-BP85D – Sony Video Camera Case with Wheels & Pull Handle SKU: # RP-BP85D MFR: # RP-BP85D
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- High Power Capacity 75Wh - Bulid-in USB 5V, 1A Socket - Bulid-in D-Tap 14.4V, 2A 30W Output Socket - High Quality Li-Ion Cells - Charging with RP-DC50 Dual Intelligent Battery Charger - LED Monitor Indicator - Multiple Protection - No Memory Efect - Data Communication with Camcorder - External LCD power

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This high-capacity, lithium-ion Battery Pack can Power any Sony HD Camcorder like (PMW-EX1, PMW-EX1R, PMW-EX3, PMW-100, PMW-150, PMW-200, PMW-300, PMW-F3 also the PXW-X160, PXW-X180, PXW-X200 and latest model PXW-FS7) that accepting the BPU style Battery Packs. It also have external Power output on USB 5V , 1A for all USB Powered Devices, and D-Tap DC 14.4V Power Output that can deliver 30W / 2A to all Professional external Devices.

Battery Pack Model:RP-BP85D Info-Lithium Battery Pack with 4-LED Power Monitor PXW-FS7 Ready
Apply For:Sony PMW-100/150/160/200/300/EX1/EX3/F3 and PXW-X160/X180/X200 and PXW-FS7
Product Color:Dark Grey
Bat. Cell Model:Samsung SDI AA High Quality 18650 x 8
Bat. Cell Chemistry:Lithium-Ion
Output Voltage:14.4V DC
Capacity (mAh):5200 mAh / 74.88 Wh
Maximum Load :50W / 3.5A max
USB Output :5V, 5W / 1A max ( Dust Protection Cover )
D-Tap Output :14.4V, 30W / 2A max ( Dust Protection Cover )
Charging Time :approx. 200 minutes on RP-DC50 High Charging Mode
Operating Temperature :–20°C to +45°C (–4°F to +113°F)
Power Meter:4-level Red Color LED Power indicator
Data Communication:Built-in Microprocessor for Data Communication with PXW-FS7
Dimensions (WxHxD):41.5 × 90.5 × 69.7 mm
Weight (Gram,Pound,Ounce):435 g
Recommended Charging On:For best charging performances and maximum charging capacity use REDPRO RP-DC50 Digital Charger


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