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TriCaster Virtual Set Editor 25 Upgrade
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Product Highlights

-Virtual Set Editor 2.5 for TriCaster Standard Edition

-Change the color and tone of set element

-Apply custom logos and artwork to sets

-Replace background images with video or images of choice

-Show or hide select set furniture and fixtures

-Add custom backgrounds and frames to double-box effects

-Set start and end framing position of virtual zoom

-Adjust placement (position, scale and rotation) of live video inputs

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Virtual Set Editor 2.5 from NewTek is a software application for your TriCaster XD system that lets you to create custom virtual sets. Virtual Set Editor comes with two licenses — one for TriCaster installation and the other for standalone use on a Windows-compatible PC. This is an upgrade is available for existing Virtual Set Editor owners only.

With Virtual Set Editor 2.5 you can transport your studio and your audience to any location that you cover. Set realistic camera movements to pan from one area to another, or change the angle while you’re switching cameras. You can even have clips of live video, looping animations, or any media source play on virtual studio monitors within your sets. Start with one of the included templates and add custom colors to them, or create your own sets from scratch. Transform your sets into life-like 3D studio environments by adding reflective surfaces, camera movements, live video layers, and even moving backgrounds.

NewTek’s holographic LiveSet technology lets you create full holographic 3D sets for real world environments that you capture yourself. A simple panoramic vista captured with a smartphone or DSLR camera can be imported into Virtual Set Editor to become a 3D, immersive environment with photo realism.

Please note: Certain features and capabilities may be limited depending on your TriCaster model. Please visit NewTek’s website for a list of supported features with current TriCaster models.

Dual Licenses
Dual licenses allow for a collaborative workflow between artist and TriCaster operator, with dual installation on both a TriCaster XD system and an external Windows-based workstation.
Holographic LiveSets
Create custom 3D environments from any real-world location, transforming a panoramic image taken with your smartphone or DSLR camera, or designed in a 3D modeling program, into a photo-realistic, holographic live virtual set.
Real-life Motions and Surfaces
Get realistic virtual camera operation, with adjustable shot framing and animated movements, and real-time reflective surfaces.
Animated Effects and Transitions
Built-in Animation Store Creator to transform custom image sequences into buffer effects, or animated transitions with 3D video warping and audio.
Custom Creation
Generate Virtual Set Editor projects from layered PSD files or design sets from scratch in your favorite graphics creation application, then import it into Virtual Set Editor and customize.
Additional Features
  • User-friendly controls for quick and easy creation, right out of the box
  • Export as executable LiveSet installer for use with any TriCaster XD system
  • Instant availability of new virtual sets and effects, with support for output and update over the network to any TriCaster XD model
  • Up to 4 switchable live video sources and four overlays when used with TriCaster 8000; up to two switchable live video sources and one overlay with TriCaster 860, 460, 410, and 40
Minimum System Requirements
Operating System64-bit Windows 7 or Windows Vista operating system
Graphics CardDirectX 11 nVIDIA GPU with 1GB graphics memory or higher
RAM4 GB or higher
Hard Drive Space5 GB available
Display Resolution1200 x 800
TriCaster InstallationTriCaster XD model required for installation
Animation Store Creator application will not be accessible on TriCaster models that do not support Animation Store transitions
Support for holographic sets, TransWarp effects and animation buffers varies by model
Sets and effects can be exported as executable installer files (.exe), shared and uploaded to any compatible TriCaster model


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