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- PC Software for IP Video Hosting- 4 Simultaneous Video Signals- Local or IP Video Sources- NDI, ASPEN, and SMPTE 2022 Compatible- Built-In Color Correction- Up to 8 Audio Channels

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Expand your IP-based workflow with NewTek Connect Pro software. Once installed on a PC, that computer becomes a hub which can host up to four simultaneous video sources for use in your live production. Video sources can be in any combination of formats or standards, so you can have signals coming from a local webcam, IP cameras, baseband video, stored media playback, or other IP sources compatible with NDI, ASPEN, or SMPTE 2022 standards. All video sources can be color corrected, and up to 8 channels of audio are supported.


Allows you to configure a host computer as a multi-channel video system for IP-based production workflows
Supports interoperability between common IP standards to include NDI, ASPEN, and SMPTE 2022
Accommodates up to 4 simultaneous video sources from any combination of hundreds of compatible systems, devices, and applications


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