Nanguang CN-900SA Professional LED Light SKU: # CN-900SA MFR: # CN-900SA
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-'Power Source: 14.8V DC; 100-240V AC; Sony V-Lock Battery Plate; -Panasonic Battery Plate; Auton Battery -Power: 54W -CRI: 95 -Illumination: 4900LM 1M: 8690 Lux 2M: 2410 Lux 3M: 1120 Lux 4M: 640 Lux 5M: 500 Lux -Color Temperature: 3200K/5600K -Brightness Control: Dimmer -Dimension: 410mm*365mm*80mm -Weight Approx:- 1800g

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  • Video light Photography Video Studio Led studio panel light Led video light camera video lights
  • The light housing is made of solid plastic; it is lightweight and convenient for outdoor carrying
  • Three filters, a diffuser for soft lighting effect, a extra diffuser for extra soft lighting effect,an orange filter for tungsten light
  • A U-br The rated DC input voltage is suitable for most of professional camera batteries in the market. A V-mount battery plate is attached at the back side.acket and four barn-doors make it very convenient for filling light
  • A U-bracket and four barn-doors make it very convenient for filling light


Power : 54Watts
LED bulbs : 900pcs

Power source : 12-16.8V DC, 100-240V AC,Sony-V Lock Battery

Illumination(LM) : 6850Lm

Illumination(LUX) :






Color temperature: 5600K/3200K

Brightness control: dimming by knob or remote cable

Dimension:450 x 60 x 380mm

Weight: about2050g


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