Nanguang CN-1200CSA, Bi-colour Professional LED Light SKU: # CN-1200CSA, Bi-colour MFR: # CN-1200CSA, Bi-colour
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  • -'Power Source: 14.8V DC; 100-240V AC; Sony V-Lock Battery Plate; -Panasonic Battery Plate; Auton Battery -Power: 69W -CRI: 95 -Illumination:7329.1LM 1M: 8720 Lux 2M: 2360 Lux 3M: 1060 Lux 4M: 605 Lux 5M: 400 Lux -Color Temperature: 3200K/5600K -Dimension: 467mm*385mm*90mm -Weight: About 2335.2g

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Nanguang CN-1200CSA Bi-color LED Panel is a  high output, 1200-LED video light provides stable colour temperature from 5600K (daylight) to 3200K (tungsten) and anywhere in between. It also features outstanding heat dissipation and a long service life. This video light employs spotlight LEDs which provide an illumination distance of more than 5 metres, making it suitable for long-distance shooting.

Power: 36Watts
LED bulbs: 600 pcs
Power source: 14-16.8V DC, 100-240V AC
Illumination (LM): 3334.3 Lm
Illumination (LUX):
1m: 5900lux
2m: 1700lux
3m: 720lux

Power Output Control: Stepless adjustment from 0% to 100%
Color temperature: 3200K to 5600K stepless
Brightness control: dimming by knob
Dimension: 340 x 81x 380mm
Weight: about 1940g


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